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Why Asia Will Be Leading in Financial Social Media

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Chinas’s Internet users cross 500 million reports TechWorld. Almost 70% of those users access the Internet via their mobile devices. Today, China (and in a broader sense the whole of East-Asia) is at the forefront of the mobile and social media revolution. Therefore, it is no wonder that Asian financial institutions are time and again leaders in our rankings for social media and mobile apps. For instance, the Bank of China has - according to our latest app report - the best single mobile banking app. DBS Bank from Singapore made the 4th place in our overall mobile app ranking.

For the future, we are expecting that Chinese financial institutions as well as players from Singapore, Indonesia and India will will play a much bigger role in the application and web development for the socially networked and mobile consumer. It’s a matter of survival in a market place that is dominated by ever more tech-savvy customers who expect their bank to be easily reachable via social media channels as well as on various mobile devices.