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Why e-publications are so important for wealth managers

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

E-magazines and e-books will soon overtake printed publications in terms of market share in developed countries. The tablet revolution has made a deep impact on the publications market: habits of readers are changing fast and user needs with regard to digital publications are changing even faster.

If you want to capture your digital audience it is of critical importance to think about digital publications not only as the electronic twins of the printed versions but as a completely new and different animal. There are so many features in digital publications that can excite and win readers (search function, integrated video and audio formats, zooming, living links, self-updating charts etc. etc.). Any publisher needs to think very carefully about what functions and features to add.

For wealth managers daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications are an important tool to ensure client loyalty but also to gain new clients. As more and more people move to the digital usage of publications this brings up a big opportunity to rethink and reinvent a wealth managers’ publications strategy from the ground up.

In our new report “E-Publications for Wealth Management Clients” we are tackling these complex issues: how should a good e-publication look? Which features are required? What formats and digital delivery channels (including) mobile should be used? What content is most appealing to readers? And so on…

Most wealth managers invest substantial resources in the communication with clients via regular publications. To spend these resources wisely reading this report is imperative.