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An Internal Social Media Strategy for Banks

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Brainyard has a great piece on Wells Fargo’s efforts to implement an internal social media strategy. The intermediate conclusion goes like this:

“…there have been some early signs that internal social networking tools will add significant value to the company. “We’re still in the first iterations–whether or not internal social networking tools will reduce service times or the email volume remains to be seen,” Carlson-Jagersma said. “But what I do hear from everyone is, ‘Oh, my gosh–it’s so nice to put a face to a name.’ We’ve made this huge company feel a little bit smaller. That has been the immediate benefit.”

I guess this is a pretty good outcome for a start. MyPrivateBanking will in 2012 analyze not online the external social media strategies of financial services companies (as we have done extensively in 2010/2011) but also focus more on the internal side.


MyPrivateBanking App Report Featured in the International Press

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

New York Times has reported about our research on apps as well as the German edition of the Financial Times. Some more coverage you will find here (TechNewsDaily, US), here (Fondsnieuws, Netherlands) and here (CIO, Germany).